Olivia Dunom

A noble fighter of House Dunom


Early Life

Olivia was the first child born to James Dunom, the current patriarch of House Dunom. She was born in Cauldron twenty-three years before the events of The Shackled City.

As customary in the Dunom family, the first child must become a warrior. She was trained by the best weapon instructors from birth and has become extremely capable in “Sword-and-Board” combat.

A childhood friend of hers is Jared, a cleric of St Cuthbert who she met during a church festival.

Current Status

Shortly before The Shackled City began, Olivia was sent by her father to partake in The Trials of Leadership, which she needed to pass in order to assume command of her house. The first test involved obtaining a rare material, which she was only able to pass due to her releasing Voltaire Rook, imprisoned for experimental wizardry. He was able to, between periods of insanity, help her with her quest.

After rescuing a Rufus, a priest of St Cuthbert, from the Last Laugh guild, Olivia, Jared, and Voltaire were sent on another quest by the Church to find missing orphans with the help of Lia Liadon, Fang Feralshot, and Palatrum, fellow bystanders.


Olivia is in many ways an archetypical heroine. She is brave, strong, and tenacious, but also kind, diplomatic and respectful. She serves as the loud and quiet leaders of her party, despite objections from That Other Guy.


Oliva’s name and appearance is based on Olivia Dunham from the TV show Fringe

Olivia Dunom

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